COMPLEX 1 produces horizontal and vertical steel tanks for storage of water and food products according to typical drawings and customer's drawings.

Water tanks are reservoirs of cylindrical or rectangular shape made of high quality steel. Tanks are equipped with manholes, ladders and other equipment for convenience of use and maintanance. Assembling is fast, also in limited space. Food tanks “Iceberg” are used for storage of potable water and bulk food products.

Distinctive constructional features of our tanks

Selection of steel grade
Selection of steel grade
We produce tanks from stainless steel of differrent grades (AISI 430, 304, 316 and others). This metal complies with all hygienic requirements, don't need special care, protected from corrosion. Tanks made of stainless steel will serve properly no less than 50 years.
Tank can be made with capacity from 0.5 to 30,000 cbm (130 – 7,920,000 gallons). Herewith shape can be any, taking into account bypass of hindrances (for example building columns).
Assembling of the tank is implemented by connecting prefabricated panels between themselves by bolts without welding. Special sealing gasket provides complete leakproofness and resistance of the tank to seismic impact. Herewith contact of stored product with gasket material is completely excluded.
Effective drainage
Effective drainage
Drainage system of the tank is simple and convenient. Bottom is equipped with special drainage branch pipe, which provides complete efortless draining of stored product from the tank.
Construction of the tank can be supplemented by any additional technological elements or equipment according to customer's wish (absorber filter for purifiying the air, which comes into reservoir during it's draining, hatches in walls, temperature sensor, heating system, thermal insulation, other control-measuring instrumentations and automatics, etc.)
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Scopes of use of the tank

Potable, mineral and technical water
Potable, mineral and technical water
Steamshops, systems of industrial water treatment
Steamshops, systems of industrial water treatment
Food products, water-alcohol mixtures
Food products, water-alcohol mixtures
Fire tanks, tanks for foamer
Fire tanks, tanks for foamer
Wastewater, low-agressive acids and alkalis
Wastewater, low-agressive acids and alkalis

Advantages of our tanks

  • made of high quality steels at modern equipment
  • complete leakproofness without using liners
  • fast and convenient cleaning
  • easy disassembling with possibility of assembling at a new place
  • capacitiy from 0.5 to 30,000 cbm (130 – 7,920,000 gallons)
  • compact package for transportation
  • possibility of erection in limited space
  • 18 month warranty for all water tanks

Our plant is the sole manufacturer of steel modular bolted tanks in Russia.
We provide full range of servises:

Preparation of technical task for client
Water tank designing
Water tank manufacturing
Complectation with additional equipment
Delivery of water tanks to destination point
Installation of water tank in short term and leakproofness testing

Our projects

4,5 cbm
710 cbm(2х355 cbm)
700 cbm (2х350 cbm)
330 cbm
132 cbm
26,4 cbm(2х13,2 cbm),  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
160 cbm (2х80cdm),gas field Dzharkuduk
25 cbm , Mining and Processing Plant
20cbm  (2х10cdm), Industrial Area154
322 cbm(2х161 cbm)
1000 cdm (2х500cdm), ironworkscbm
300 cbm ,  manufacturing enterprise
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