Fire tanks

Our company produces fire tanks of ground type made of galvanized steel. These tanks are used for water storage for firefighting. But also such tanks are widely used for technical water storage, rainwater harvesting and also for storage of bulk food and non-food products.

These tanks got name “Donskoy First”. They are assembled using frameless technology, sheets of panels are laid overlap.

Distinctive features of construction of the fire tanks:

  • Assembling is made without welding. All construction elements are jointed with bolts, thus complete leakproofness is being reached. Assembling works of fire tank are made by our skilled crew or by customer's forces.
  • Unassembled tanks have compact sizes. This fact gives advantage in transportation and allows to deliver tanks unassembled even to hard-to-get regions using average vehicles.
  • Fire tanks can be made with thermal insulation or without it, also can be erected at limited space outdoors and indoors.
  • According to customer's wish we produce fire tanks for technical water with capacity from 24 to 10,000 cbm (6,340 – 2,640,000 gallons).
  • Shape of tanks is cylindrical (vertical).
  • Fire tanks are made of galvanized steel. This material is corrosion-resistant and provides long lifetime of the tank. This water tanks don't need any anti-corrosion coatings neither external nor internal surfaces after erection.
  • Designing is made taking into account seismic activity in the region, exploitation temperatures, wind and snow loads.

Fire tanks Complex 1

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Characteristics of our fire tanks give possibility to use them even in harsh climate environments.

If needed we provide fire tanks with any elements and equipment: brunch pipes, ladders, hatches and manholes, fencing, valves, heating systems, thermal insulation, control-measuring instrumentations, automatics and so on according to request.

High qulity of our products is tested by time. You may buy fire tank at best price and order erection by calling the phone +7 (863) 219-83-45 or +7 (918) 859-74-81.