About the company

Diversified Enterprise COMPLEX 1 Ltd. was founded in 1991 by teachers and scientific workers of road faculty of Rostov institute of civil engineering, who were engaged for a long time in developing and introduction of informational technologies in different transport spheres. Mr. Robert Li, candidate of technical Sciences, became the initiator of creation of enterprise and it's permanent head.

Enterprise started his activity from development of mathematic software for companies in industrial and transport sphere. Also was engaged into optimization of work of large plants, military-industrial complex, ports, quarries and fields. Since 1992 started implementation of computarization at road establishments of North-Caucasus region. Simultaneously Robert Li was a head of branch of Russian-British company “Sea Computer Systems”, which founder was large English company ICL.

In the hardest conditions of hyperinflation and non-payments of 1990-s, founders decided to develop commercial activity of the company. Were established relations with businessmen from Korea, England, Turkey, Poland, Sweden, China and other countries. Search of goods, which met requirements of the market was hold permanently, were built relations in the region and sales network was created.

One of areas of company's activity is realization of high-tech equipment and materials, required for creating economic, environmental friendly, reliable and not expensive heating and water systems. In less than 10 years our company became one of the leaders in promotion of modern convenience technologies of 21st century at the Russian South.

Another area of company's activity are new technologies in reparing and maintanance of automobile roads. Experience of European countries: Germany, Spain, France and South Korea in this sphere was explored. In 1996 enterprise bought modern marking machine and started horizontal road marking in Rostov region. Nowadays company has large vehicle park of marking machines for road paint marking and vehicles for thermoplastic and spray plastic marking. Our plant assembles itself road marking vehicles for own use. Road marking works are made in Rostov region and others. Also our plant designes and produces LED road signs, solar powerstations and systems of autonomous lighting using latest technologies.

One of main company's activities is manufacturing and erection of modular steel tank. Due to plenty of advantages they have conquered the market as products, which are hygienic, durable, convenient in erection, maintanance and transportation.

Enterprise has two production bases and warehouses with area more than 40,000 sqm, office in Rostov-on-Don, trade-exhibition area.

Using multiyear working experience, COMPLEX 1 is ready to offer it's customers goods with optimal “price-quality” ratio.

Taking into account long-term investments in compfort systems, which you create for yourself and your children, we offer materials and equipment with high quality features and low maintanance costs.

Together we will create a new culture of heating and water supply of the third millenium.