Sectional bolted tanks with total capacity 5,500 cbm were erected and commissioned in Kyzyl (Republiс of Tyva)

13 july 2016

Seismic resistant tanks were manufactured at our plant «Complex 1».

Two tanks with capacity 1,121 cbm each made of stainless steel will be used for domestic potable water supply of the object. Another two tanks with capacity 1,603 cbm each will be used for work in firefighting system of the object, they are made of hot dip galvanized steel.

Potable water tanks are complemented with systems of purification of incoming in the tank air, and fire tanks are complemented with automatic heating systems.

Tanks made of stainless steel are 17.5 m in diameter and 5.2 m in height.

Tanks made of hot dip galvanized steel are 16.3 m in diameter and 8.6 m in height.