Rules of operation of modular bolted tanks

Main rules:

  1. Fill the tank only with that product, for which the tank was made (according to passport of the tank).

  2. Before exploitation you need to reveal internal surface from self-adhesive film.

  3. Forbidden to close breathing and overflow branch pipes.

  4. Clean water tank at least one time a year. For cleaning of stainless steel the best choise is slightly alkaline cleaning agent (pH9:11). Don't use abrasive or iron-containing sponges or brushes, which can scratch steel or damage it in another way. It's recommended to use non-contact washers like “Karcher”.

  5. Prevent mechanical damages during exploitation and maintanance.

  6. Forbidden to make pressure in the tank which differ from atmospheric more than 0.01 atm and fill the tank with stored product above the design level.

  7. Prevent snow accumulation on the roof of the tank.

  8. Develop measures aimed to excluding mecanical damages of support frame and tank's body.

  9. Prevent liquid freezing or clog in the tank, in it's branch pipes and external pipelines.

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