Why modular water tanks made of stainless steel are the most economy solutions?

Nowadays economy becomes the main principle not only for private organisations, but also for whole states. Taking into account existing budget constraint, economy must be considered at all building sectors. Available resources of particular enterprises and state in General should be used optimally.

Special attention is paid to water supply and water treatment during construction of new enterprises and reconstruction of the old ones. Each specialist in this sphere knows, that special place in water supply system is devoted to tanks and reservoirs for potable water. This construction must have long operational life-time, because proper work of the whole water supply system depend on quality of water tank. Pumping equipment, pipes and other components will serve much longer if water tank is made of stainless steel, not from concrete, plastic or average metal. Toughness and corrosion resistance of stainless steel allows to avoid major overhaul for decades.

Quality water tank – is a main criterion of durability of water supply and water treatment systems.

Nowadays we may assert that stainless steel is the most economy sollution!

Stainless steel has high hygienic characteristics. What kind of material is used for producing of surgical instruments? Of course stainless steel. Quality cutlery, like spoons, forks, knives and so on – only stainless steel.

We consider that tanks for potable water storage must be made of this harmles for human body material. But it must be specified that not all stainless steel is appropriate for drinking water tanks. Matter of choice of steel grade must be discussed obligatory with the enterprise that produces tanks. This question is very important.

Nowadays manufacturing of modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel for potable water storage is increasing, because it is the most economically and technically effective solution.

Modular tank made of stainless steel is completely watertight, that excludes possibility of water leaks. Tank is resistant to mechanical and seismic impacts. If tank's surface is being damaged occasionally, corrosion is excluded, because thin chromium oxide film on surface of stainless steel is self-renewing. Due to this film of few atomic layers in thickness, corrosion-resistance of stainless steel is provided. 

As a result of abovementioned we may talk about main feature of modular tank made of stainless steel – estimated operational life-time no less than 50 years.

Strength of concrete tanks is being achieved only if erection was strictly complied with the technology, in conditions of modern construction and transfer of work to sub-contractors, sometimes these rules are not followed. As a result, constant thermodynamic and static loads, that affect on concrete tank cause to the cracks and water leaks. Complete refurbishment of such tank is very complecated process and result to large additional expenses during exploitation, because water through the cracks reaches steel reinforcement easily and cause to is corrosion. In addition to repairing time you receive downtime of the tank.

Customer should pay great attention to abovenebtioned while choosing a tank. If we will count all expences for different kinds of tanks, taking into account their long-term maintanance together with initial investment, conclusion will be unequivocal: using economic justification of expenses, modular water tank made of stainless steel is the most economy sollution. You can always calculate a tank at our website.

Our enterprise is the sole manufacturer of modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel in Russia and CIS countries.

You may know more about products of our water tank plant, sending an enquiry for calculation or make an order at our website, or by phones +7 (863) 219-83-45 or +7 (918) 859-74-81.

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