Exploitation of tanks of different kinds

Our plant produces modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel. Selling different tanks, often we start our work from the project stage, where we try to take into account all wishes of customer and designer. When we hear from some customers the objection about the price of stainless steel tanks, we can say next: “Let's count total cost of exploitation and maintanance of the tank!” Because we need to take into account all the expenses which owner of the tank will bear during decades of exploitation, and we are expecting 50 years of exploitation. So we need also count painting, additional checkups, anti-corrosion treatment and even failure with further overhaul and downtime.

Tanks made of black metal and concrete are still used by some enterprises. These tanks have been used for many years already, they have proved themselves, but they are not free of some drawbacks.


Type of tank

Concrete tank

Black metal tank

Modular stainless steel tank

Base preparation

Large ditch as a rule

Perfectly flat site with reinforced base

Flat base

Cost of the tank

Up to 2 times less

Up to 2 times less

Meet the quality

Delivery features

Cleavage risk

Special transport or railroad

Average vehicle, low cost as a result


Ecscavating a ditch, as a rule.

Professional crew.

Professional crew, crane equipment

Skills of twisting nuts. Need just scaffolding and wrenches.

Checkup expenses

From 2 to 10 thousands USD. Impossible to control completely recessed tank, no possibility to find leaks

From 2 to 10 thousands USD

Low cost, design is simple and don't need complecated equipment.

Possibility of checkup without exploitation stoppage

Anti-corrosion treatment expenses

No need. But serious overhaul can be caused by internal cracks

Every 3-5 years



No any hygiene without special coatings

Hygiene is reached by using expensive coatings or liners

Natural hygiene + easy cleaning

Aesthetic look

Almost not seen (buried)

Periodical painting

Great shining look


Final decision is up to you!

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